We deliver thoughtful and purpose driven work that makes a difference.

Our belief is that quality design is not the exclusive domain of the city studios. At Kindred we enjoy a connected and collaborative studio culture. Together we apply our creative thinking to craft strategies and solutions that surprise and delight.


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End-to-end. We do it all.

At Kindred, we act as an agile and integrated strategy, design and marketing service. This ensures a consistency of approach and a constant level of quality at every step. From initial concepting and design right through to project management and production, we are committed creative partners.

While every project we work on is different, here’s what we can do:

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As our name suggests, Kindred is about people working together.

We’re a senior team of brand, design and account specialists, and we enjoy collaborating with our clients and trusted suppliers to create work that stands apart. From photographers to copywriters and web developers, the Kindred family is experienced, expert and here to help.

Image of - Megan Zawertailo
Megan Zawertailo

Creative Director

Image of - Stef Blanch
Stef Blanch

Studio Manager

Image of - Yasmin Godde
Yasmin Godde

Senior Designer

Image of - Emily Carrington
Emily Carrington

Digital Designer